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Brother MFC-L8689CDW is a machine that is easy to use. It is a convenient and better companion printer for you. Like the other printer, this is also a multifunctional printer that can scan, copy, fax prints, and print, of course. This type is reliable for busy office workers with loads of papers to print out. Thus, it is good for businesses and homes if a printing machine is needed for customers and personal use. You can try this one and see how amazing it works. It scans effectively and prints so fast. The Brother MFC-L8689CDW can produce hundreds of paper documents in less than 5 minutes. Shocking right? Well, that is not the only thing this can offer you but more and more. 

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A printer that can print bulk and huge papers for a few minutes. High capacity and high resolution can be obtained when using this type for printing. And take note, the resolution can be changed according to your preference. Can print colored or black and white paper, and the image’s color will not be changed and expected to result in the same. It is great in terms of speed and volume printing. Up to 300 pieces of paper can be held in its two in-trays, and then 150 can be held enough out of the central tray. Its toner cartridge, when full, can handle or print mono for over 3,000. However, it cannot handle or print A3 papers; it has very good features in numerous aspects. 


Another feature is that it costs an affordable price. Meaning you can have it under your small budget for around 460 US dollars. It can be used for years depending on how and what care a person values. Compared to other cheaper printers, it is much better, and it is good to rely on this one as it will last twice or three times than those. 


Its design is good. It cannot be easily broken as the materials used to create this are excellent. It can scan quickly and with high resolution. You can use a wireless tool and connect with it utilizing an application intended only for printing. Thus, by using an app, the level of toner can be checked. Moreover, the toner cartridge size is 539 x 435 x 536 mm(H x W x D) and it weighs 27.9 kilograms. The toner cartridge can be refilled when empty. This also has a capacity of 300 sheets of paper that can be put in. 


Print speed( for mono and color) is 31 ppm. The printing quality is 1,200 x 600 dpi. And yes, it is a duplex. A setup manual is provided, so don’t worry about not having a setup wizard on its display. There you can plug a flash drive to manage to print your documents easily. 

You must invest in things that you know you will benefit from a lot, just like this Brother MFC-L8690CDW printer machine. It is highly recommended for those who want their printer machines, especially for offices and homes. Its capabilities and features are excellent, and you have to try and prove it to yourself. This kind of printer would not make you disappointed. 

The information above tells how effective and excellent a Brother-L8690CDW is. Features are exciting to witness. Try this one, and it will prove to you how it works. Watch out for another article that will be served for you. If interested and want to read more about the other deals, kindly visit or search out the same name of the website for more related articles. See more other types of printers that are best for you. Whatever kind of printer you are looking for will be viewed there. Enjoy and see the best results!