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Multifunction Copiers Fall Under Different Categories

A copier is an integral piece of equipment used for offices or businesses. You can either buy a new copier or lease one. Usually, firms that started not long ago have limited financial resources. Copier leasing is a well-known business in Albuquerque. It helps blooming firms to get the right equipment they need at a low cost.

Copier leasing services in Albuquerque are very famous among firms ever since. Yet, as generations pass by, our society becomes modernized. What comes along with modernization is the advancement of technology. People don’t stick with one device for their needs anymore. The world moves so fast that it changes our needs from time-to-time.

One of the new technologies today is the multifunction copier. It is a device that consolidates the functionality of different machines in one. With an MFC, you can either print, copy, scan, or fax a document using one device. This choice is common for businesses that want to maximize their financial resources.

Types of Multifunction Copiers

What are multi-function copiers?

It depends on the intended target audience and the equipment’s capabilities. Their classifications are as follows:

  • 1. All-In-One. All-in-one is a small desktop unit designed for home or home-office use. These devices focus on scan and print more than fax. All-in-one devices may have features not found in larger devices. Examples are smart card readers and direct connection to other digital cameras. The print engine of these devices is either on a home inkjet or laser printer. Other devices have a DVD burner and LightScribe function.
  • 2. SOHO MFC. It is a large desktop or small free-standing unit designed for Small Office/Home Office uses. The form factor of this device depends on other options added, such as extra paper trays. A SOHO MFC has the fundamental print, copy, scan, and fax features. A single network controls most SOHO MFCs yet, also accessible with the use of a USB.
  • 3. OFFICE MFC. A mid-sized free-standing unit also known as the central office system. They are the most fully-featured type of MFCs. More than the primary copier functions, they have more advanced finishing features. Their history in mid-range copiers and print engines is excellent.
  • 4. PRODUCTION PRINTING MFC. It is a larger and more expensive free-standing unit than Office MFCs. This type of copier stands as a central printing-device or reprographic-department device. Their concentration is on high speed, quality output, and advanced finishing functionality.

Things to Consider on Getting A Multifunction Copier.

  • Your requirements. What is the reason why you would be needing an MFC? Is it for a copier lease? Do you have other tasks to do apart from printing and copying? How many users will share the device? Do you provide copier leasing services? How many copies do you usually produce in a day? Will you need it to be color-capable? Wireless? There are a lot of requirements you need to consider first.
  • The TCO or total cost of ownership and the cost/value benefits. Consider how your multifunction copier addresses the total costs of printing assets. Being mindful will help you manage the cost of your copier leasing.
  • Specialists’ Comments. What do the experts have to say about the quality and performance of the product you are considering? Doing prior research will play a role in your decision making.
  • Easy to use. Looking for a copier that’s easy to operate will prevent costly employee downtime. Check for user interfaces, minimal training requirements, and accessible documentation.
  • Multitasking abilities. Look for a copier that can do multifunction. Can you use each function you need even if others are running in the background? Some products offer many features all in one device, but not simultaneous multitasking. If they cannot deliver all the functions of a multifunction printer, expect downtimes.

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Arm yourself with the knowledge you need in making the right decisions for your business. You can gather this information by asking for the things stated above from your provider. Multifunction copiers can give you ample benefits if you can choose the best copier. Best of luck!