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Free Yourself From Monthly Toner Purchases

Free Monthly Toner Purchases

Every time a new cartridge is popped into our printers, your expenses pile up. People who own inkjet printers at least know that their inkjet printer cartridges contain expensive ink. The ones that own laser printers do not even understand what their laser toner cartridge contains. 

Just because the laser printer prints on paper, it does not mean that it contains some kind of a liquid. It is understandable why this misconception exists in the world. Inkjet printer cartridges have liquid pens that contain liquids or at worse gels, and paints are all liquid too. 

But this is not the case with a laser toner cartridge which contains a mix of solids, unlike liquids. This mix is not even the same in all laser printers. The mix varies from one model of printer to another even if those models are produced by the same manufacturer. 

The reason for this is that different machines require different compositions and even substances. While the exact details of what is inside the laser toner cartridge your printer uses may be different, the basic premise in all of them will remain the same. 

Here are some of the basic components of a laser toner cartridge. 


Depending on the type of machine that is being used, a laser toner cartridge can contain anything between 85% and 95% of plastic. A massive part of your laser toner cartridge is simply plastic. Various types of plastics or polymers can be used and have been used in the past. 

Polypropylene Wax

Polypropylene wax is like polyester, the purpose of polypropylene wax is to prevent the toner from sticking to the rollers inside your laser printer. It basically allows molecules to move freely between themselves and other printer components. These kinds of rollers are fuser rolls that are designed to meet the toner into the paper. Before fuser rolls were introduced, laser printers used only radiant heat. 

Carbon black

Carbon black is used to impart the color black to polyester since it naturally transparent. Carbon black is basically a collection of free carbon atoms which are not bonded to each other. In the case of the carbon black located inside the laser toner cartridge, the quality is very high which just means that it is of extremely high purity. It is carbon black which makes car tires black. 

Pigment Yellow 180, Pigment Red 122 and Pigment Blue 15:3

If your laser printer is color, then it will also need three primary colors. These colors can be combined in different quantities to arrive at thousands of different colors and shades. The pigment of the yellow color is made up of the benzimidazole compound. The pigment red 122 is used for imparting all shades of the color red on the paper. It consists of very durable quinacridone compounds. Depending on how these compounds are used and in what configuration, they can provide virtually every shade of red. This is the reason why the red pigment takes on the role of magenta in a laser toner cartridge. These compounds are also used in external colors and paints. 

The pigment blue 15:3 is providing the color cyan to the mix. This pigment has copper-phthalocyanine which where the word cyan came from. Cyan is like a compromise between blue and green. When mixed with other pigments in the laser toner cartridge, the potential colors produced increase greatly. 

The laser toner also has fumed silica that helps prevent solids from moving freely and charge control agents that simply make sure that it is easier for the toner to retain the charge that has been imparted to it. 

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