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Difference between Copier Rental and Copier Leasing

Copier Rental and Copier Leasing

Copier Lease has now become famous in modern-day technology. Business offices across the globe have widely used it. The leading service providers offer copier leasing by tapping the most trusted copy machines brands in the market. Innovations paved the way for high-quality machines, coupled with efficient copier leasing services. 

Copier leasing in Albuquerque leveled up by providing the world’s most prestigious brands of copiers. These are multifunctional copiers that are reliable. The leading leasing provider invested more in the copier leasing services in Albuquerque; thus, highlighting its high maintenance and repair services. 

Copiers and printers are some of the essential things to have in an office. But they are expensive to buy and maintain. What is worse is that the repair can cost more than buying a new one. Fortunately, now you can either rent or lease them. Copier renting and leasing also allows you to save on the costs of maintaining and servicing the equipment. Hence, you would not need to account for equipment depreciation when doing your accounts. 

Copier rental, therefore, coexists with copier leases in the facet of the printing industry. Both are options that you may opt to enter into for your own business office. But what is the difference between the two? Copier rental and copier lease may look similar, but they are not the same. 

For a brief overview: the main difference between leasing and renting a copier is flexibility and cost. Lease agreements tend to be longer-term and less flexible than copier rental agreements. Prices may vary; copier rental is at its premium rate for one-time big-time events. 

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What is a Copier Rental?

Copier rentals are similar to car rentals. Here, you need to contact a dealer or provider for a copier rental. Then they will charge you a fee that lasts for the period that you use the machine. And like a car rental, they are not intended to be long-term rentals.

They could charge you a monthly fee, a cost-per-click fee, or a combination of the two. As expected, you will not own your machine at the end of your rental agreement (s).

What is a Copier Lease?

Copier lease agreements are like car leases but not identical.

Here, a business can own a new or used copier by agreeing to set payments and a service agreement. Many companies choose an upgrade of the equipment after three or four years. This is often because machines become increasingly more expensive to maintain over time. Purchasing a newer machine then offers more cost savings.

Additionally, newer models offer better security and additional features than the obsolete ones. These features come with different tasks in the copy machine system.

It is important to note that a copier lease is a purchase over time. You can choose to stop using the machine or decide if you no longer want it. But the company will still require you to pay off the balance of the equipment purchased. 

So, as a conclusion: Renting is more suitable for projects and events that last a day up to a week. Some companies use the word long-term rental, which refers to leasing. Renting is for a short-term basis, while leasing is for the long-term. 

Moreover, copier leasing comes with a contract. It means that you can’t return it before the term is up. You cannot also extend the contract without the approval of the seller. The leasing company will then provide you with the option to either buy or not the copier at a nominal fee.